Schedule Your Jewelry Repair!

WOLF WALKER JEWELRY is inviting the public for jewelry creation, jewelry restyling, and the repairing of your jewelry. I will repair, and/ or assist in creating the jewelry item, thereby, turning your jewelry idea into that creative reality! Have broken jewelry lying in the jewelry box, then grab it and bring it in for a repair! Or maybe you have jewelry that is not broken, but sort of has lost the appeal that it once possessed. Grab it and bring it in for a restyling! If you have a combination of broken, and non-appealing jewelry items, then grab it and let's create a completely new jewelry item for your....! Some jewelry repairs, are able to be completed on the same day that you leave it with me!
My jewelry shop/ studio is located in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. To schedule and discuss your jewelry needs please do the following:

  • Schedule/ book, by clicking the Turquoise color box titled "SCHEDULE ME" (located at the bottom of this page).
  • Once on the scheduling/ booking page, notice 3 titled categories that are grey in lettering; All Services, Sterling Silver, and Gold. Under the 3 categories are the most common jewelry repair services selections. Choose the most accurate repair service, and click it.
  • If the jewelry repair service is not listed, please click "other" (under either Sterling Silver or Gold) and give the description, discrepancies (repair), and metal type of your jewelry piece(s).

  • Future Jewelry Events & Demonstrations will be added, and once scheduled you will be notified of these Jewelry Event(s) & Demonstration(s), if any!

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    Schedule By Clicking "SCHEDULE ME" Below